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Ships are increasingly transitioning to fuels such as methanol, ammonia, or liquefied natural gas. At the same time, requirements are continuously tightened for the maritime industry to reduce and, not least, document the emissions of harmful gases and particles. The particular challenge of documenting ship emissions is the main focus of Danish company Green Instruments, which has now, in collaboration with customers, developed a visionary type of measuring equipment that can help the shipping companies.CSO Rene B. Christensen, Green Instruments | Oct 04, 2023

CSO Rene B. Christensen, Green Instruments | Oct 04, 2023

In the future, shipping will be much greener. Instead of using fossil fuels, container ships and other types of vessels will run on new fuels such as methanol, ammonia, and biogas. In addition, shipping companies are subject to requirements for documenting their emissions of, among other things, methane gas and sulfur particles from their ships, increasing the need for advanced measuring equipment. Danish company Green Instruments specializes in developing such equipment, and over an extended period of time, the company has collaborated with companies in the shipping industry on developing a new advanced monitoring system designed for measuring the emissions of a wide range of gases from ships.- The requirement for documentation means that ships should focus on onboard measuring equipment. For instance, the EU has mandated the reporting of methane gas emissions starting in January 2024, and to credibly document their emissions, shipping companies need to produce concrete measurements instead of trying to calculate them, as calculations are most often misleading. Green Instruments offers user-friendly measuring equipment specifically designed and developed for harsh maritime environments and based on many years of direct customer feedback. When we say, “designed for purpose,” we mean it, says René B. Christensen, Sales Director of Green Instruments, which specializes in technology for emission control, water and gas monitoring, hazard detection, and energy optimization on ships.

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